Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Riding On The Storm (A Journal of Writing, Thoughts, and Criticism)

I am creating this new blog because I felt unsatisfied with my old blog primarily concerned with politics, philosophy, and current events. I wanted to devote more time to creativity; that is to creative writing and when possible to original thought.  My intention is to make this an ongoing journal - a place for writing from here on the island of Hawaii and also writing with no geographical limitations. I'm open to publishing work in almost any form, be it essays, short stories, poetry, personal thoughts, criticism, commentary, or most any form of original self-expression. My only criteria is a serious effort to produce the best work possible.

I wanted to have a literary forum with an emphasis on honesty rather then the affectation too typical of much creative writing today. I'm aware of the difficulty in reaching that goal and know that I myself will by no means always achieve it!  Yet I believe literary expression, if it is to be valid, is a process of self-discovery and must as far as possible be free from the ego-centrism so common in this age of obsession with visual media. That is what I aspire to here: a blog devoted to our deepest feelings and beliefs, and to truth and clarity of expression.

I will of course publish some of my own writing here - primarily essays, poetry and literary criticism - and also whatever submissions other writers may be willing to make without compensation in order to see their work in print.  The ownership of all work submitted here will remain in the hands of the writer.  Drawing from our essential truth we may, if we are lucky, turn struggle into joy and mere endurance to transcendence.

Please bear with me while I get this site up and running, I am not adept with computers.  Also, being engaged in other projects, my contributions may be sporadic but in taking our time I believe we will be able to achieve the quality of content that will make this blog exceptional.  Perhaps this site could eventually evolve into a wide-ranging, quality e-magazine, devoted to writing, criticism, thoughts on life, and art, and on the condition of the world we live in.  It could be fun.  I hope it will be.

Thank you,

Brent Hightower
Copyright 2014 Brent Hightower
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