Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Mind in Self-Doubt

The mind in self-doubt lashes out in arms,
Arisen from the womb it may further rise,
Or mired in fear may drown in self-negation
For from self-negation self-negation flows,
Poisoning all that flourishes with disdain.
Thus we shackle ourselves in the darkness,
Entomb our spirits in a living sepulcher.

Rancor does rancor breed again in rue,
Its corrupt delights fade as we descend;
Further wounded spirits further wound,
In prison rounds of self-doubt and misery.
And so bereft we blot out our own sun,
Waste in eclipse all of our allotted days.

Seeking our fruition we pursue the light,
Sow in loam the sapling of a sterling tree.
That which we create recreates ourselves;
We overcome death in renewed love for life.
Wild flowers along our road bloom in profusion,
Our passage is strewn with roses and delight.

Brent Hightower
Copyright Brent Hightower
*Image public domain