Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Journey Farther Out

Awareness broke with crystal clarity,
Stars pierced the sky's cloudless night,
And in the uncertain fortune of a newborn sun,
Light dawned on mountains and on mountainous seas.

The gods wrought life from temporal things,
Invoked the canvas on which to paint our tears-
Cast our spirits out upon the chance of night
Into hopes and fears this side of oblivion

In times we felt the presence of darker things,
Learned in fragrant gardens poisons grow,
And urging our spirits beyond the border of night
We flew onward toward a more transcendent star.

Even in infancy we began the journey farther out,
Onward on the train rumbling just beyond our sight,
Glimpsed in glory beyond the boundary of the years,
It shakes and awes our spirits even in our sleep.

Even in infancy we begin the journey farther out.
As meteors blaze out against the blue-black dawn,
From dreams and fears that lie this side of oblivion,
Trailing auroras of our spiritual beauty as we go.

Brent Hightower
Copyright 2016 Brent Hightower
*Image Claude Monet, oil on canvas, public domain