Thursday, July 20, 2017

Since I haven't been here for awhile I thought I'd just post an update. I'm proofreading my new book, a collection of essays, and should have it out sometime in August. Some of the essays in the book were first published in this blog. I think those will be worth reading again in their final form, and I hope those who've enjoyed my work in this blog, rough as it has been, will get a copy of the complete revised essays. I'll of course post it here when they're released. I'll then be working on a collection of poems to be published at some date in the near future, but while I'm at that I'll return to publishing regularly in this blog, probably starting in September.

Thanks to all who have visited my blog! I hope to connect to you again soon!


*Image Claude Monet, public domain

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Word About My Recent State of Mind

It seems when a person retains the clarity of their own beliefs - remains true to those beliefs - and refuses to alter them to accommodate the Darwinian impulses of a failing social order, they are often ostracized. But in the understanding of how destructive so much of that consciously unacknowledged social code is - of how cloaked it all is in a continuous and deluded chorus of all is well, ostracism looses its sting. That sting is then gradually replaced by a kind of melancholy pride taken in the personal price one must pay to be guided by unadulterated impulses of love.

Brent Hightower
Copyright 2017 Brent Hightower

*Image, Quasar, public domain