Riding on the Storm

Having completed Inner Demons, my collected essays from 2014 to 2017, I felt I needed to re-access my original purpose in writing this blog. I originally conceived it as a place where I, along with others, might post writing in progress, and where contributors could offer one another constructive criticism in a friendly atmosphere. Yet it didn't evolve along those lines. Rather, with one exception, I alone have posted work in progress (along with some finished work, and although I've received a lot of interest in the blog, I've received little criticism, other then many brief offers of encouragement. So on the one hand, the blog's been successful in attracting a readership, while on the other, it hasn't worked out as I first intended.

So I've determined to change the format to a more logical one, and I hope to one that's more enjoyable for the reader. From now on I'll publish, primarily, my completed work here, hoping those interested will purchase my books in printed or electronic copy on the net. I'll focus on one chapter of my novels (or one essay, or poem, respectively) at a time, and delete the old when I post the new. The new work will apear every week, on Thursday evening whenever possible. Otherwise, I'll post as close to that time as I'm able.

By changing the format so people can access my completed works without having to pay them, because I believe they're worthy of more exposure than they've received. I believe a writer must focus on writing in order to produce work of real value, and in making that attempt I've been unable to devote a significant amount of time to promotion. Thus, the books have had limited exposure. I hope readers who enjoy the work will buy a copy for themselves, and/or recommend it to others. The view that serious writing can take place without compensation is impractical. Therefore supporting writers becomes a matter of cultural self-preservation.

Those who do find these works of interest can buy them from Amazon, as well as from other online booksellers in paperback, or may purchase them on Amazon Kindle, at the very reasonable price of $2.99.

Thank all of you for your continuing interest.

Brent Hightower
Copyright 2017 Brent Hightower
*Image Dave Sandford