Two Novels By The Author

The Broken World

The Broken World is the story of twelve-year-old Byrd Keane, growing up in rural New Mexico in the 1960s. Society is everywhere in crisis as his own family is torn apart by mental illness and the Vietnam War. From the last of the old outlaws to hippies in psychedelic school buses, from Hispanic rebellion to apocalyptic physicists who embrace the bomb, everyone is in conflict; and the world around him is literally on the verge of burning down. Through it all, Byrd must not only survive but also find his way toward a lasting freedom.

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Ode To Belladonna

Ode To Belladonna is the story of Simplicious, the last surviving scholar of the Academy at Athens, whose attraction to philosophy and whose single moral failing draw him into both the major events of his age and into deadly conflict with Theodora, Empress of Byzantium. It is a tale of love and hatred, ignorance and enlightenment, and the battle between freedom and an all consuming obsession with power and domination. Set fifteen hundred years ago in fabled Byzantium, the events yet bear a startling resemblance to those of our own time and reveal the tenuous nature of human freedom and the terrible consequences of its loss.